Wildfox Pack


The COMPLETE Wildfox Pack is here!

The most popular preset, based on Sarah’s pink & cream Instagram color scheme. This pack of 5 Lightroom Presets add rosy & peach tones with a soft, faded, feminine look. 5 different presets/looks included.

These Presets work great on bright sun, backlit, speckled light/shade, golden hour, cloudy days, and shade/evening light!

Scroll down to test the Presets, and watch the video to see them used directly in Lightroom!

– You can NOT download the preset files directly onto your phone from the site. You must download to a computer first.
– These presets are made for Lightroom DESKTOP, and will not work on mobile.
– All photos are not alike, and these presets may require some tweaking after applying to your photo.
– These presets are made by and copyright Sarah Loven, and are not for resale or redistribution.
NO refunds/returns because this is a digital product. Paypal does not offer buyer protection on digital goods.
Any payment reversals once downloading the digital product is illegal chargeback fraud, and will be met with legal action. Your personal information is linked from Paypal, and proof of download is stored within our payment/order system. It will be used against you in any Paypal claims.

By purchasing, you acknowledge that you’ve read & agree to the above Terms, and the Terms of Use Page.


Wildfox Pack Lightroom Preview





















Wildfox Warm





Wildfox Warm Darker





Wildfox Warm Faded





Wildfox Warm Pastel